On Wednesday this week I had the pleasure of conducting Jamie and Suzanne’s wedding ceremony, which took place in the back garden of Suzanne’s parents family home.

This was a small and intimate celebratory ceremony for immediate family only, with Jamie and Suzanne having made their legal vows of marriage to each other in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas last month! And yes, Elvis was there – I’ve seen the photos so I know it’s true!

I think you’ll agree that ‘best man’ Obi is looking very handsome in his bow tie…

Obi’s timing was immaculate when he decided to do speed laps round the garden, just as Jamie and Suzanne were making their vows to each other. As Suzanne looked into Jamie’s eyes to pledge her lifelong commitment, Obi shot straight through the tiny gap between them, at 100 miles an hour! It was a reverent moment but we couldn’t help but to break for a quick chuckle before we carried on!

I just love the diversity of my job – no two ceremonies the same. And neither should they be!

I just can’t wait for Obi to meet my Labrador, Lola – perhaps there will be further nuptials ahead!

Congratulations to Jamie and Suzanne ❤️🕺🏼 (that’s meant to be Elvis…) x