Celebrant greetings from sunny Florida! I thought I’d share a photo I took at sunset last night – oh, how I love a good sunset!

It’s been an incredibly busy year so far so I’m enjoying a recharge of the batteries before I return to the UK, refreshed and energised and ready to get back at it!

Lives can sometimes become so busy that we forget how important it is to take a little time out, to reflect on what’s gone before and to prepare for what’s to come.

But of course life is unpredictable and no matter how much we think we’ve got it sussed, none of us truly know what’s around the corner…

So for each day I am blessed to experience a sunrise and a sunset, no matter how breathtaking or non-descript, I will be grateful for having lived another day on planet Earth, doing a job I love and surrounded by wonderful people in my life.

Take time to appreciate the sunrises and sunsets in your life x