‘Marrying Mum & Dad’ Series 6…

I was so privileged to write and conduct four ceremonies within this series and no two shows were remotely the same!

From the red-carpet glitz of a ‘Movies’ theme to ‘The Gameshow Wedding Showdown’ (which involved a lot of orange gunk!!).

From very healthy ‘Vegetables’ to rustic ‘Scarecrows’, each and every theme and ceremony was unique, reflecting the ideas and vision of the children, who were ‘marrying’ their Mum and Dad!

Working on the show really reinforced to me that it doesn’t matter how wacky or unusual the theme, location or outfits, the fact remains that if two people love each other, their vows and promises mean just as much as they would in a more traditional setting. There were plenty of tears of emotion and genuine, heartfelt pledges for the future.

Love is love – it is not defined by convention.

Embrace it – whatever form it takes