As a Funeral Celebrant, I always try to build an appropriate rapport with the families I work with, in order to make them feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible when planning the service for their loved one.

Every now and then, I meet a family with whom I have a very special connection – an inexplicable bond which exists between us, almost like our crossing of paths ‘was meant to be…’

Just over 4 months ago, I met with such a family, to plan the funeral service of a much-loved wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt – and so much more.

I knew from the outset that we would keep in touch beyond the requirements of our professional relationship and that a beautiful friendship would endure.

I wasn’t wrong!

I was deeply touched when the family contacted me after the service to ask me to choose a hand-made bag, as a gift to show their gratitude for my services. They had extended the same generosity to other healthcare professionals who had provided them with invaluable support in the final stages of their dear wife/mum’s illness.

It was tough choosing a bag as there were so many fantastic options! However, eventually I narrowed down and made my final choice!

The bags are actually hand-made by the very talented sister of the lady who had died, so the gift was even more meaningful and poignant because it provided a very direct and personal link.

When the family gave it to me, it was beautifully wrapped, filled with red hearts and even had some good luck shillings in it!

I have been using my bag for the last few weeks and I am thrilled with it! And as you can imagine, every time I use it, I think of a very special lady and her wonderful family.

I never take my job for granted; I am never complacent about the huge privilege bestowed upon me in doing what I do.

And on those occasions that my life is blessed with some very special new friends, my sense of gratitude, job satisfaction and fulfilment goes off the Richter scale!

I am delighted to share with you photos of my very special ‘Happiness Bag’ 💕