As another beautiful day unfolds here in Norfolk, I feel thankful to be sat in my garden feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, listening to the birds and having a leisurely coffee before embarking on the day ahead.

And my work commitments today really do reflect the true circle of life…

A meeting this morning with a couple who are planning to welcome their new-born son into the world with a naming ceremony later in the year.

A small and intimate wedding ceremony at lunchtime to be held in the garden of the bride’s family home.

Finally, a late afternoon funeral service, to say farewell to a lady who loved clowns, butterflies and 60’s rock music – in equal measure!

The birth of a baby, the union of two people, a reluctant farewell – three very different occasions but each worthy of celebration, in their own unique way.

Life is full of key moments and milestones and I feel privileged to guide families through them, in my role as a celebrant.

The circle of life continues to turn…