I already feel very privileged to be doing the job I do but last weekend I was a very lucky celebrant indeed to find myself on the island of Lipari, to conduct the wedding ceremony for Ali and Oly.

With the groom and all the guests aboard the ‘Gulet Altinlar’, Ali arrived in style in a little white boat adorned with bunting, accompanied by her parents.

With the beautiful bride safely on board, we set sail from the port and made our way around the stunning coastline to a beautiful cove, where the Captain dropped the anchor in order for the ceremony to take place.

I must confess, I had to remove my heeled shoes for the ceremony, as the waves were causing the boat to rock a little more than my balance could cope with!

After the ceremony, the drinks were poured and the canapés were served, before we returned to the port and headed to a nearby restaurant which had been transformed for the reception.

And then we ate, drank, danced … ate, drank and danced a bit more … and then a bit more (you get the idea!).

It was the most amazing wedding and I am absolutely thrilled to have been part of the occasion. It honestly couldn’t have been more perfect, from start to finish.

Ali and Oly, you are both very special to me and I can’t put into words how much happiness I wish you in your future life together as husband and wife.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the honour of the last few days. It’s been truly wonderful 💕